Would You Step In to Prevent Rape?

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September 20, 2013

You are at a party, and you witness a girl being harassed by a guy. Drunk, she feebly tries to brush off his unwelcomed advances, but still he persists, grabbing her arm trying to pull her away. Would you quietly watch, sip your drink and walk away? Or do you get involved and tell him to stop?

Bystanders have the ability to intervene or step in and prevent sexual assault and unwanted advances. Make Your Move! is a campaign to end sexual violence by raising awareness about bystander intervention. The campaign originated in Missoula, Montana, and has quickly gained widespread attention through the use of memorable posters. The campaign’s main goal is make people aware that anyone can prevent rape. If you see someone harassing a person, trust your gut and speak up. Or if you see someone trying to get a person alone, do something. The campaign suggests telling the aggressor to stop and then getting the person being harassed out of the situation, going so far as to see that the person being harassed gets home safely.

Rape prevention should begin at the root of the problem: stopping the rapist. It is important to educate those around you about how they can end sexual violence. The next time a friend is disrespectful or abusive to a girl, tell him to cut it out.

Make Your Move! has gotten Montanans throughout the state to pose for pictures with a white board proclaiming their best move to end sexual violence. What’s yours?

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