Women’s Rights Under Attack

By , 19, Staff Writer
February 21, 2012

Abortion is a personal decision, not a legal debateEven though it’s been 39 years since Roe v. Wade legalized abortion in the United States, it is still a hotly debated issue—even more so in 2011 than in other recent year. In a move that Prochoiceamerica.org is calling “The War on Women,” eight choice-related issues came up in the House of Representatives, more than from 2006 to 2009 combined.

Two bills passed in the House were particularly concerning to pro-choice advocates. One would allow hospitals to refuse emergency abortions to women, even in cases in which they would die without it. The second could force rape victims to prove that they had been assaulted if they wanted to have an abortion.

Additionally, 26 states passed anti-choice laws, including one in Kansas that would have shut down all three major abortion providers in the state, and one in South Dakota that would force a woman to go through an anti-choice lecture before being allowed to have an abortion. Luckily, the courts halted these two laws, but they do reflect an attitude in the United States that seriously threatens a woman’s right to choose.

In 2011, over half of the members of the House of Representatives voted for all the anti-choice bills that were brought before them. If this attitude continues not only in Washington, D.C., but also across the country, it could seriously put at risk something that has long been considered a hallmark of woman’s rights—the right to choose.

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