Virginity: Can It Be Reclaimed or Is It Lost Forever?

August 15, 2008 of people think that once you have vaginal, oral or anal sex, you’re no longer a virgin. But some believe you can be a “born-again” virgin, either through a pledge of abstinence or even surgery.

If you lose your v-card, is it gone forever? Or can you have a sexual do-over and be a “born-again” virgin? There isn’t a simple answer to this question, especially since virginity means different things to different people.

We asked our users what they thought about reclaiming virginity:

“You’re only physically a virgin once. Maybe you can have a virgin heart again, but you’re PHYSICALLY a virgin once.”
—xjacknsallyx48, 16, IL

“Well, I certainly think you can have secondary virginity, when you pledge to be abstinent. I think the whole thing starts with your personal beliefs, like what you think would make this kind of thing official. I think if I would lose my virginity and want to have secondary virginity, then I would take the pledge with a friend or a group of friends so that they can hold me true to my word.”
—musicchickie, 14, MD

Whether you think virginity is lost forever or can be renewed, the important thing is this: Your first time should be a good time, without regrets. You know you’re totally prepared—mind, body and spirit—to have sex for the first time when you don’t have to doubt your decision. Then the reclaiming virginity debate doesn’t matter at all.

Just remember that the surest way to avoid STDs and pregnancy is to abstain from sex. Think you’re ready to lose your v-card? Read this FAQ before you take the plunge.

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