Josh Goes for His First HIV Test

Meet Josh. Meet Dr. Bell. They are going to give you a sneak peek into what it is like to get an HIV test. Josh even gets his finger pricked for you to see! This is a Sex, Etc. video shot in New York City at the Young Men’s Clinic, which provides sexual health care and other services to young males ages 14 to 30.

About the Creators

“This video was a new experience for me! I have been tested before, but I chose the blood test that took weeks for results. Seeing the rapid tests and how they are done was quite interesting.” —Natasha

Sex, Etc. teen editors Natasha Ramsey, 17, and Josh Dickinson, 17, and Dr. David Bell, medical director of the Young Men’s Clinic, created this video.

Both Josh and Natasha worked on the concept for the video. Josh and Dr. Bell acted in the video. Josh didn’t actually give real, personal information or actually get tested. Instead, he based his answers on real-life teen experience to show you what happens when you go to get an HIV test.

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