Valentine’s Day Is for Everyone

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February 13, 2020

It’s that time of year, when those who are coupled up are giving each other chocolates, flowers and cards. You guessed it—Valentine’s Day! But what about expressing yourself to all the other people in your life that you care about?

When I was in second grade, I remember staying up until ten at night with my mother painstakingly writing out 28 store-bought Valentines for my classmates. It was a chance for everyone to feel special. However, as I got older, the “get everyone something” mentality stopped. This was a real game changer. I sometimes wish everyone could still get something.

Relationships of All Kinds

February 14th is all about romance—or so it can seem. It seems that all anyone can talk about on Valentine’s Day is their significant other or crush. But what about celebrating the other important people in your life? I know most people think that romance is the most important aspect of this holiday. And romance is important, don’t get me wrong. But in my experience, love is what Valentine’s Day centers on, and love is something that can be felt with just about anybody.

Love happens between you and your mom, you and your best friend and you and your significant other. Those times in elementary school when you wrote out cards for everyone in the class—there was probably some form of love existing between you and your classmates, too, though you might not have viewed it as that back then. Valentine’s Day includes leaving your friend candy at her locker or texting another friend how grateful you are for them. So call up your mom, brother or best friend and tell them just how much you appreciate them. The key to a healthy relationship is to cherish another person, and Valentine’s Day is a perfect reminder to express yourself to the people you love.

Heartfelt, Meaningful and Affordable

Billions of dollars are spent on the holiday each year. But price does not equal love! You can spend nothing and still give something that means the world to another person. Some gifts that don’t cost anything include a homemade, heartfelt card or bracelets made with beads or friendship string. Again, cost does not equal how much love is put into the gift.

So remember, cherish the ones you love the most—whether that be a partner, family member or friend—and don’t worry about the price tag of your gifts! Everyone deserves to have a happy Valentine’s Day!

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