Vagina Power!

February 22, 2008

Cosmo's Vagina EmbarrassmentTake a look at the cover of almost any popular women’s magazine. You’ll probably notice the bad sex tips, the list of ways to keep your man and even the awful dieting advice. Some of you also might notice a trend: using slang for sexual and reproductive body parts—like saying “va-jay-jay” instead of “vagina.”

For example, why can’t the March issue of Cosmo just have the word “vagina” printed on it? Instead, Cosmo refers to the “va-jay-jay.” Even the subtitle—“Fascinating New Facts about Your Lovely Lady Parts”—can’t spell out what the story is about. Using words like “va-jay-jay” and “lovely lady parts” makes the relationship between a woman and her body seem like it’s naughty—unspeakable.

Cosmo, why beat around the bush (no pun intended)? If you’re giving women information about their vaginas, just say “vaginas”!

Here’s a sex ed challenge: Say the word “vagina” instead of “va-jay-jay,” when you need to refer to the vagina. It feels good to say it and not be embarrassed. Now that’s a sign of a being a smart and confident woman.

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