Trans Person on MTV’s The Real World

January 16, 2009

MTV's The Real World: BrooklynAre you a fan of MTV’s The Real World? Producers of the series have always tried to pick diverse roommates, especially when it comes to race and sexual orientation. And for the very first time, a transgender person has joined the cast of The Real World: Brooklyn. Meet Katelynn: She’s just like any other woman, except she was born a man.

If you watch the show, pay attention to Katelynn and how her roommates respond to finding out that she’s transgender. Some roommates don’t make it a big deal at all—being trans is just another part of what makes Katelynn unique. But others are a little hesitant to fully welcome Katelynn. One cast member referred to Katelynn as “it” and said, “I just don’t understand.”

Part of the trouble in understanding what it means to be transgender is that no one really talks about it! For the most part, films, TV and the news media are silent, and sex ed classes rarely discuss transgender issues. But just because no one’s talking about transgender issues doesn’t mean you should be left in the dark. Learn more about what it means to be trans, and find out what you can do to stop transphobia.

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