Trans Girl Becomes Who She Is Meant to Be

By , 16, Staff Writer
January 25, 2013

School, sports and boys. These are all things Jazz, an 11-year-old girl, encounters on a daily basis. The only difference between her and the other pre-teen girls in her class is the fact that Jazz was born a male. She and her family recently appeared on ABC’s 20/20. During this segment, which was a follow-up on an interview from a few years ago, Jazz was interviewed by Barbara Walters, and we caught a glimpse of Jazz’s life. She spends time with her friends, is a top player out on the soccer field and asks her mother for advice when talking to a crush. She does all this while taking hormone blockers and participating in the TransKids Purple Rainbow Foundation—an amazing feat for a pre-teen.

Whether we’re cisgender—meaning our body matches our gender—or transgender, there are times when we undoubtedly feel like strangers in our own bodies. Despite the physical and emotional struggles Jazz has had to undergo during the process of becoming who she wants to be, she is happier now than she would have been trying to be a boy. Unlike my awkward teenage self, she is comfortable in her body and expresses her gender identity in a healthy, positive way. And although I may never know how it feels to be transgender, I can share in a young girl’s happiness at becoming who she truly is meant to be.

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