Three Sex Ed Resolutions I’ll Be Keeping in 2014

By , 18, Staff Writer
December 16, 2013

Another year, another resolution list! But unlike last year’s resolutions, I plan on keeping these! They all involve improving my (and my friends’) sexual health and knowledge about sexuality. So, in no particular order, here are my three sex ed resolutions I’ll be keeping this year.

  1. Pass my sexual health advocacy course to become a sexual health advocate. I’m a first-year student at Rutgers University, which offers a one-semester course that trains you to become a sexual health advocate. Once I take my course during the upcoming semester, I’ll be trained to help my peers who may be struggling with sexual health issues and offer them my advice (not like I don’t do it now though!).
  2. Get tested for HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). I cannot emphasize the importance of getting tested enough. Many teens today often go years without being tested. Getting tested about once every six months or when you have a new partner will help prevent the spread of STDs.
  3. Talk to my friends about the importance of safer sex. Although sex may be a taboo topic to talk about with your friends, a simple five-minute talk with them can prevent a number of things, including STDs and/or unplanned pregnancy. So, forget the stigma and bring up the s-word.

That’s it! Even though my list is short, it is simple and realistic, which is necessary in making resolutions that will last the entire 365 days of 2014. But these are only my resolutions, what are yours? Let me know in the comments!

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