Things Heat Up on East Los High

By , 17, Staff Writer
June 25, 2013

As if the first week of East Lost High on wasn’t filled with tons of drama, this week was even crazier! One character, who is hilarious that I’m really into this week, is Ceci. She’s pregnant, and Abe is the father. He makes it clear he only wants to contribute financially to their child, but not really stick around and be an actual father. I think this is a really tough situation to be in, and this past week Ceci explored her options. She knows that she doesn’t want an abortion, so she looked into adoption. It will be interesting to see if Ceci chooses adoption.

Ceci doesn’t just explore her pregnancy options this week, but we learn about her career aspirations, as well. During episode 10, titled “Why Did I Have to Get Pregnant?,” Ceci kept asking herself why she had to get pregnant, because now that she’s pregnant, she won’t be on the show Dance Five and fulfilling her dream of being a dancer any time soon. Putting her dreams on pause doesn’t mean that Ceci will have to give up her dream completely. It will just be twice the work now.

Another big event this week was when Maya reveals that she was raped by Ramon. I knew there was something going on with that Ramon guy—he’s bad news. It’s good that Maya finally opened up to someone and was able to get the care she needed at the clinic, because she deserves love and support. What happened was not her fault. Rape is never the fault of the victim, and it was great her aunt was there for her. (If you or someone you know has been raped or sexually abused, you can call the National Sexual Assault Hotline at 1-800-656-HOPE (4673).)

This week there were some recurring themes that we saw in last week’s episodes, like practicing safer sex. Jessie decides to have sex, and no it wasn’t with her boyfriend Jacob. It was with her choreographer Christian! I couldn’t believe it, but what really got me was that they decided to have unprotected sex. Right before they were going to have sex, Jessie even told Christian she wasn’t on the Pill. Then, Jessie asked Christian if he had a condom, and he said that he would pull out. “Pulling out” or the withdrawal method (when a guy pulls his penis out of girl’s vagina before ejaculation) is not as effective as the Pill or condoms. It also doesn’t protect you from STDs and requires a lot of control, which a younger guy may not have. I wish they had decided to practice safer sex, since we saw with Ceci and Abe what can happen when a couple uses the withdrawal method.

Can’t wait to see what’s in store for this week! What was your favorite part of this week’s episodes?

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