The Sex Education Show—Quite a Sexperience

July 16, 2010

You’ve got to hand it to the British TV show, The Sex Education Show, and its companion Web site Sexperience; they know how to create a stir. You’ve probably never seen anything quite as frank as the Sexperience Web site’s featured videos of people answering questions, like “How did you know you were ready to lose your virginity?” or “When did you come out?” And the TV show uses videos of live nude models or pictures to address questions about penis size and what happens to your body when you’re pregnant or when you age. The Sex Education Show travels around with host Anna Richardson, speaking to audiences of teens in the U.K. and sometimes consulting with health professionals. For example, in one episode, Anna Richardson spoke with a clinical psychologist about the benefits if having “lots of good sex.” I don’t know about you, but this is definitely different than my high school sex ed.

If nothing else, The Sex Education Show and Sexperience Web site are blunt, in all the best ways: they aren’t dancing around issues and nobody is skirting the truth. In fact, to answer the question “Are my breasts normal?” the show features a gallery of photographs of breasts, so we get to see what normal really looks like in all of its various shapes and sizes. If only something this gritty and true could make its way into American sexual health, we might all understand the facts a lot better

—Taylor McCabe, 17, Staff Writer

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