The Real Deal on Herpes

March 13, 2008

On an episode of Flavor of Love 3, Hotlanta, a contestant trying to win Flavor Flav’s love, had a bump on her lip that became the highlight of the show. Everyone thought the bump was a herpes sore, and some contestants couldn’t help but make nasty comments:

Later in the show, all of the women were split into two teams and had to pick one person from the opposing team to “roast.” Hotlanta was one of the women that was chosen. The roast was downright nasty; the Flavor of Love girls were taking turns cracking mean jokes on everything from Hotlanta’s weight to her vaginal odor. One of the girls asked Hotlanta: “What’s up with that herpes on your lip. You better ask the doctor if Valtrex is right for you, boo.”

Hotlanta spoke to Flav and insisted that she didn’t have herpes, saying “If I had anything, I wouldn’t be here.”

Herpes on Flavor of Love

Flavor eventually called in a doctor to have Hotlanta tested for herpes. The bump was nothing more than an unfortunate acne outbreak. At the end of the show, Flav gave Hotlanta a clock to keep her on the show.

It’s important to remember that you can have an STD like herpes and not have any symptoms whatsoever. So, instead of jumping to conclusions that someone does or doesn’t have an STD, you and your partner should always get tested before engaging in vaginal, anal or oral sex. It’s also important to always use latex barriers like condoms or dental dams. Latex barriers will reduce the likelihood that you’ll transmit or get an STD like the herpes virus.

Make sure you know what herpes is and how it’s transmitted. Check out the links below for more info on what to do if you have herpes.

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