The Plot Thickens on East Los High

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July 5, 2013

As if we thought that nothing else crazy could happen on the Hulu series East Los High, it did! Remember Vanessa, who I told you guys about in my first blog post? She’s the girl who was caught cheating on her boyfriend. Well throughout the episodes, we see her having sex with Christian and also with Freddie, the host of the show she loves, Dance Five. In one of the episodes last week, she is about to perform with her group, The Bomb Squad, and passes out.

When Vanessa gets to the hospital, the doctor diagnoses her with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). She can’t believe it, but quickly alerts one of her partners, Christian. This is an important step that should be taken when you find out you have a sexually transmitted disease (STD). Sharing your status with your partner is a good thing to do, because you are informing your partners that they might have an STD, too. It gives them a heads up that they should get tested as well. With Vanessa getting HIV, it highlights that you never know if your partner has an STD, so it’s a good precaution for partners to get tested before having sex and to practice safer sex.

Another big event was that Ceci had her baby girl. Ceci is still living in the shelter and watching other girls’ children while they work. This may sound corny, but I was proud of her! You can definitely see the change in her maturity level now that she has her baby.

Finally this past week, we see Jessie face her options with her pregnancy. Initially, when told she could have an abortion, she says that it’s not an option because it’s against her religion. Then, when faced with adoption, she says she can’t arrange an adoption either. Jessie feels like she has no other option but to parent, except she doesn’t want to do that either. After having a reassuring conversation with her aunt, Jessie seems to decide that abortion is the best option. We’ll have to wait and see what she decides to do this week, because Jessie keeps going back and forth between the three options.

Next week should be good, and there are only three more episodes left! I wonder what the grand finale will be. Comment below with your predictions!

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