Test Driving the NYC Free Condom App

By , 17, Staff Writer
April 5, 2011

NYC Condom AppNeed a free condom? There’s an app for that. This past Valentine’s Day, the New York Health Department released an application for smartphones that shows users where they can get free condoms. The application allows you to either enter an address or use GPS positioning to quickly supply you with a handy map showing five nearby locations where free condoms are available.

When I downloaded the app, I was stunned at how well designed it was and the detail it provided. Not only are you given a map that shows you where to find free condoms, each location comes with a tab that gives you an address, phone number and description of what they offer. The locations that came up ranged from a Columbia University health clinic, offering female condoms, to a local community health center offering lubricant and NYC condoms. Needless to say, I spent a good hour learning where you can find free condoms and other sexual health items in New York City.

But while this is great if you happen to live in NYC and own a smartphone, the idea is lost on anyone who doesn’t fall into this category. It’s awesome that the city wants to support safer sex, but chances are if you own a smartphone you probably can afford condoms. Also if you happen to need one in the moment, it’s probably faster to find a nearby drugstore than go on a treasure hunt using your smartphone. This being said, the idea behind the app is fabulous. I hope that more cities will adopt NYC’s attitude toward openly promoting safer sex.

Download the free app if you own a smartphone. Who knows when it may be useful!

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