Teens in Trouble Over Nude Photos

December 12, 2008

Two cheerleaders at Bothell High School, near Seattle, learned the hard way that sending nude pics of themselves via text message is a bad idea. School officials found out that students were forwarding the pics to each other, so they decided to suspend the cheerleaders from the squad. Now the cheerleaders’ parents are suing the school district, alleging that the school punished the girls too harshly and failed to find out who sent the pictures around in the first place. Check out the video for more on the story:

The cheerleaders who took pics of themselves got in trouble, but the people who spread the pics weren’t punished. That seems really unfair, because according to child pornography laws, it is a crime to possess and transmit nude photos of minors. That means you could get in big trouble, not only for taking nude pics, but also for sending them via text message.

It’s OK to want to feel sexy. But taking and sending nude pics is not the way to do it, especially if you’re 17 or under. Is it really worth the risk?

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