Teen Pregnancy: Not Just about Sex on TV

November 6, 2008

Original photo at http://www.flickr.com/photos/nirak/206930221/Think too much sex on TV is harmful to teens? There’s a new study that links sexual content on TV to teen pregnancy. But before you blame the media for teen pregnancy, we should mention that experts are questioning how the study was conducted and whether it should be taken seriously. Regardless of how valid the study is or isn’t, you should think about other factors that are influential—like the lack of good sex education.

Let’s be real: Teens grow up in a sex-saturated world. From TV and movies to video games and music, sex is all around us; it’s a part of teen culture. But shutting off all the TVs and radios across the country won’t end teen pregnancy. It’s easy to point fingers at the big bad media but much more difficult to deal with deeper issues that contribute to teen pregnancy. Until we deal with the lack of good sex ed, the lack of open and honest conversation about sex and the limited access to birth control and health care, teen pregnancy is going to be an issue.

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