Stephen Colbert on Planned Parenthood

By , 18, Contributor
April 18, 2011

The debate over defunding Planned Parenthood hasn’t cooled much in the month after my March blog post. Since then, House Republicans and Democrats have continued to struggle to resolve the dispute, and it was one of the major conflicts that almost led to a federal “shutdown” on April 8th, which would have left 800,000 federal employees and over a million troops without pay until the budget was resolved. In the end, the House passed the budget just hours before the shutdown deadline.

After narrowly avoiding a shutdown and the Senate voting down a new measure to deny federal funding to Planned Parenthood, it’s fair to say that we might all appreciate some lighter coverage on this issue. Among the many voices weighing in on the debate is at least one anchorman able to provide some humor: comedian Stephen Colbert. His funny take on the controversy, besides giving viewers a good laugh, offers more insight on the situation than many of the men and women on Capitol Hill. Jump to the 1:35 mark:

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