STD Testing: There’s an App for That

November 24, 2010

iPhoneOur cell phones can help us with everything from online banking to finding a restaurant in a new city. But when I heard about the latest task our mobile phones could be taking on, even I, an avid iPhone user, was shocked. A research project in Europe is currently working on creating a way for smartphones to diagnose sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

Small chips would use fluids, such as urine and saliva, to test for STDs. You would then connect the chip to your smartphone to process the results. Pretty crazy, huh? The chips are projected to cost around $3 and could be sold in vending machines or nightclubs.

The most common STD symptom is no symptom, so many people that have an STD are unaware that they have one. Unfortunately, many will also never be tested—maybe because they’re too embarrassed to make the trip to see their doctor or visit a health clinic or they are apprehensive about the results. But with these chips, there should be no more excuses! All you may have to do is stop texting for a few minutes (I know you can do it!) and test yourself quickly.

Though they may not be ready for up to 10 years, would you pick one of these up to test yourself?

—Melanie Johnson, 18, Staff Writer

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