Spermania: Game Fact or Fiction?

By , 17, Staff Writer
September 30, 2014

Spermania is a game that takes players on a journey through the female reproductive system. Available for use on Android devices, the game follows the main character, the sperm, as it enters the uterus, passes obstacles—including viruses, white blood cells and acid pools—and competes against other sperm to finish either first, second or third.

I enjoyed this game because it reminded me of Mario Kart, one of my favorite games as a child. Except, now the vehicles are the sperm, the power-ups and gold coins are sugar, and the racetracks are the insides of the female anatomy. But is the game realistic? In the game, there were only three other racers. In reality, there are millions of sperm in an ejaculation. The acid pools in the game are not real either since—even though the vagina is more acidic than basic on the pH scale—there are no “acid pools” in the uterus. And in the game, the first sperm that passes the finish line is the “winner.” When, in fact, the egg actually chooses from the sperm that reach it and allows the one it wants to enter.

The Spermania game developers were not trying to create an educational game, but some have called the game “Sex education with a twist.” Games like Spermania are often seen as “educational” solely because they involve a more scientific topic. However, Spermania definitely has its flaws when it comes to the facts. Players of the game may mistakenly believe that “acid pools” actually exist and that the fastest sperm is the one to fertilize the egg.

If we all had comprehensive sexuality education, we could all separate game fact from fiction.

Feel free to play the game, but play for entertainment rather than education.

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