Sexting: The Wrong Way to Show You’re Interested

By , 15, Staff Writer
December 5, 2014

With the use of popular dating sites and chatting apps, meeting new people or just talking to your crush has become easier than ever. However, if you’re truly interested in someone, it may be a bit difficult to express your feelings since you’re not face to face with that person.

My friends and I have experienced being “hit on” by some guys on Kik. We always have to laugh because they come up with the corniest, weirdest pick–up lines that make us lose interest, but it could be worse. If you’re really attracted to someone, here are two things you shouldn’t do when trying to let them know you’re interested.

  1. Don’t start off by talking about sex. This isn’t just a sad first impression; it can be considered harassment. It qualifies as sexual harassment if the person never expressed comfort talking about this topic in the first place. You also don’t know how that person feels or what they’re thinking. It’s not OK to skip a greeting and go directly to a sexual topic.
  2. Don’t send them a picture of your genitals. Just because you’re not in front of the person at that moment, doesn’t mean you can reveal your penis, breasts or vulva to them. It would be a different story if both parties consented to sending or receiving such pictures. If it is mutual and agreed upon by the both of them, then it’s not sexual harassment. If there isn’t consent, then, again it’s considered harassment.

As a teen, talking to someone that you like in person can be hard. With all this great technology, trying to get to know someone can be so much easier, but we should remember that the same rules apply for both online and real life situations. You wouldn’t feel right flashing your genitals to a crush while talking at school or at the mall, so why do it online? A simple “Hey, what’s up?” to start a conversation is perfect. Being upfront with that person and asking them out or getting to know them better may sound a bit scary, but it’s better than unsolicited sexts.

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