Sex, Lies and Pregnancy on East Los High

By , 17, Staff Writer
July 2, 2013

The Hulu series East Los High, which started airing online last month, has taken me on a crazy roller coaster ride with all its plot twists and turns, but I was not prepared for what happened on a few recent episodes!

If you’ve been watching (or reading my blog posts), then you know Ceci, who is pregnant by her boyfriend Abe, has been looking into adoption. Well, one couple offered to provide Ceci a home until she gave birth. She took them up on the offer, but didn’t stay long, because she decided that she wanted to become a parent. When Ceci left the couple’s home, she didn’t know where to go, but she definitely didn’t want to go back to Abe’s house with his crazy mother there! Finally she went to a shelter for pregnant or parenting teens.

And Jessie, who you know if you’ve been watching the show, finally has sex with Jacob but only to keep him away from her cousin Maya! When they had sex, Jacob made sure he was safe and used a condom. (But has you may remember Jessie cheated on Jacob and had unprotected sex with Christian.) A few weeks later, Jessie is throwing up and takes a pregnancy test that comes out positive. Jessie is pregnant with Christian’s child, but lies to everyone and says it’s Jacob’s.

East Los High is free to watch on Hulu. If you haven’t started it, you should stop reading my spoilers and grab the popcorn and a soda. Do you guys think that Jessie will tell Jacob that she cheated? What about Ceci? Do you think Abe will try to get her back? All these questions are rushing through my mind, and I can’t wait to find out the answers. Check back with you guys later this week!

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