Sex Education: Why I Watch

By , 17, Contributor
October 1, 2021

The third season of Netflix’s Sex Education just launched, and I am absolutely thrilled! I remember binging through the episodes when the show first came out, and I eagerly wait for more between seasons. The cliffhangers we were left with last year have definitely been acknowledged, from Otis’s deleted voicemail to how Hope, the new headmistress at Moordale Secondary School, will handle issues of sexuality at the school.

To celebrate the release of the new season, here are the top four reasons why I love Sex Education.

1. It’s refreshingly up-front.

I’ve grown up thinking that even saying the word “sex” is inappropriate, both in school and at home (since starting to work at Sex, Etc., I feel differently!). Sex Education, however, completely shatters this idea. The opening scene of episode one in season three, for instance, set to a cover of “I Think We’re Alone Now” by the Rubinoos, shows a range of couples—diverse in sexual orientation, race, abilities and more—hooking up. Not to mention Aimee’s vulva cupcakes in the sixth episode! Including those kinds of scenes struck me as bold at first, but the more I continued to watch, the more I began to appreciate how authentic and honest the show is.

2. The romance!

Ahh, romance. My favorite must-have for any show is the drama and tension that rises from a good love triangle. In this area, Sex Education does not disappoint. The “will they/won’t they?” tension between Otis and Maeve has been ongoing since the very beginning and still keeps me on my toes.

3. Everyone makes mistakes.

No one is perfect, and the show does a great job of demonstrating this. Each character makes mistakes in some way, but they are capable of growing from them. Eric and Adam, for example, get into arguments about their relationship because of difficulty opening up to each other, which tends to result in hurt feelings. I can definitely empathize with the challenge of communicating how you feel to others. Sex Education focuses on what can be learned from each mistake, including how to pick yourself back up and move forward with a new understanding of yourself and others.

4. It’s a judgment-free zone.

The show highlights honest conversations about sex while promoting a message of acceptance of people as they are. It includes the different preferences teens have in terms of what they want in a relationship, what makes them feel good sexually and what their goals for the best high school experience are in general. Jackson’s struggles with parental pressure toward being a “perfect” swimmer struck a chord with me, for instance, due to how my parents can urge me to be the “best student.” Instead of continuing to participate in an activity that didn’t bring him joy, Jackson chose to quit. He was supported by his friends and family, rather than shamed, because the choice was best for his mental health at the time. It made me realize that there is nothing embarrassing about prioritizing self-care.

Sex Education
is an inspiring Netflix series that provides an honest take on embracing who you are and being unafraid to learn about yourself. Body positivity, open communication and self-love are just a few of the many important ideas encouraged by the show that I believe teens across the world need to hear more of today.

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