Relationships & Facebook: It’s Complicated

By , 17, Staff Writer
December 14, 2011

Facebook Like and Dislike

Have you ever felt like Facebook makes dating complicated? I was talking to a friend about dating and relationships, and she went on a rant about her boyfriend’s lack of enthusiasm when it came to liking her statuses, commenting on her photos and so on. She then explained how the way he acts on Facebook must reflect what he thinks of their relationship. But is that really true?

People can get crazy about their boyfriend, girlfriend or crush’s wall posts, status updates, pictures—and not to mention relationship statuses. When we see someone has gotten in or out of a relationship, everyone wants to know what happened. This can make something intimate more of a public spectacle. Rumors can also easily spread because of something seen on Facebook, creating drama and unnecessary conflict in the dating scene (as if it weren’t already difficult enough!) Should we be counting on Facebook to develop healthy relationships?

When the main form of communication in a dating relationship is Facebook, you are concentrating on the virtual aspect of the relationship. But it can make things downright awkward in-person. It’s best to establish a healthy relationship outside of Facebook and talk to people you trust, such as parents or teachers, about dating rather than going on Facebook to check up on every little thing your partner or crush is or isn’t saying on Facebook.

Instead of getting caught up in Facebook drama, we can educate ourselves about healthy relationships. For more information on dating, love and healthy relationships, check out the Love & Relationships section of

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