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January 14, 2011

When I clicked on the link to PutThisOnTheMap.org, I had no idea what I was about to see. Ten minutes later, I was grinning.

Like some of the people in this promotional video for the Reteaching Gender and Sexuality campaign, I am transgender. Like everyone who is lesbian, gay, bi, trans or some other gender/sexuality minority (or has been mistaken for someone who is), I have dealt with trans-and homophobia.

Put This on the Map is a queer activist organization, which sponsors the Reteaching Gender and Sexuality campaign. This national campaign educates people about LGBTQ issues through workshops for young people and adults and screenings of its award-winning documentary Put This on the Map.

The Reteaching Gender and Sexuality campaign is teaching people that being heterosexual shouldn’t be assumed, that we don’t all neatly fit into a girl or boy box and that having knowledgeable, supportive adults who provide safe spaces and protection from bullying should be the norm. Visit PutThisOnTheMap.org, if your school or community could use some reteaching.

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