Positive or Not?

June 26, 2008

Think you can tell if someone has HIV? Posornot.com, a new Web site from mtvU, challenges you to tell whether or not someone is HIV positive just by looking at his or her picture.


You might think it’s easy to spot someone who’s HIV positive. You might use the way a person looks, his or her interests or even where a person lives as clues to his or her status. But in real life, it’s impossible to guess whether or not a person is HIV positive just by looking at him or her. There’s only one way to know if you or someone else is HIV positive or not—an HIV test.

HIV doesn’t discriminate, and anyone that has sex can be at risk of infection. People are often infected with HIV and don’t even realize it. That’s why it’s so important to talk to your partner about getting tested BEFORE having sex. And if you both decide to take the plunge and have sex, make sure to properly use condoms each and every time you have vaginal, anal or oral sex.

The best way to prevent the spread of HIV is to know your status and practice safer sex. Friday, June 27th is National HIV Testing Day. So find a low-cost clinic in your area and get tested.

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