Planned Parenthood App Lets You Hear From Teens Who Have Been There & Done That

By , 18, Staff Writer
March 17, 2014

Imagine hearing from other teens about birth control, condoms and sex with a few taps of your finger, right on your phone! Well, this is now a reality. You can do this through a Planned Parenthood app called Been There, Done That. It’s just one of Planned Parenthood’s new apps for teens that are not only easy to use but also give a lot of great insight on things like preventing pregnancy and STDs and even planning your future.

Been There, Done That, is my favorite app. The first screen has simple questions like what is your gender and how old are you. Then the next screen is a page with seven different videos by girls and guys ages 17 to 19. The videos are short and to the point. The teens talk about their different experiences with birth control and condoms and their partners. Some teens might be too shy to actually talk about sex and birth control with some of their closest friends, and this is a chance for teens to listen to others who have been through the same thing. Not to mention, you get all the advice without all of the embarrassment.

While I was watching the videos, I found myself actually interested, because they had a lot to say about things that I wanted to know about! They give advice on topics like using two forms of birth control, for example, using a hormonal method such as the pill or IUD and a barrier method like condoms. Another cool aspect is that as a girl who’s into guys, I get to hear the opinion of guys, who I feel like rarely want to talk about this stuff. I’m sure that heterosexual guys will also like the fact that they can hear the opinions of girls, too. It felt good actually getting to hear other teens’ stories—both guys and girls—on different topics related to birth control and safer sex.

Be sure to watch the videos and let me know which ones are your favorite in the comments below! And just know, if these apps don’t apply to you, Planned Parenthood has apps for younger teens, as well. Not to mention, they plan to make some specifically for LGBTQ teens in the future, so watch out for those!

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