My Period: A Reason to Celebrate, Not Mock

By , 19, Contributor
September 11, 2014

In eighth grade, I went on a field trip with my class, where I got to take a break from classes and just enjoy time with my friends. Lunch at a fancy building and dessert at a Ben and Jerry’s ice cream stand were among the main attractions. As I went to order my small cup of Phish Food ice cream, one of the boys in my class noticed and asked, giggling, if I was eating chocolate ice cream because I was on my period.

The odd part was that I actually was on my period, but only my girlfriends knew about it. Either way, I was upset that he brought it up in front of everyone and made it such a big deal. It’s as if having my period dictated my actions and behavior that day.

Menstruation is just a part of life and what allows for reproduction, which is why it shouldn’t be a big deal. Periods are completely normal, and that they are an important part of what it means to be a woman. Human sexuality and well-being is something to be celebrated and explored, not mocked and ridiculed.

Even though periods can be difficult and uncomfortable, there is something beautiful about menstruation. Periods connect girls of all races, nationalities and economic classes; they remind us of the beauty of creation and how uniquely we were designed.

To help make your period more bearable, don’t forget to make yourself feel special during this time of the month. I love to take a moment to paint my nails, practice some gentle yoga and eat some dark chocolate. Depending on which pleasures you enjoy, cheer yourself up by partaking in a few of these treats, knowing you are still clean, worthy and beautiful!

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