No Easy Decision

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January 18, 2011

MTV's No Easy DecisionWhenever the subject of abortion is raised, it’s rare that controversy doesn’t follow. Feelings about the issue can be very strong and incredibly divisive. But no matter which stance we take, one thing is hard to argue: facing an unplanned pregnancy is rarely easy, especially for teens. MTV’s No Easy Decision is a special that focuses on this situation. The show, which first aired last December, features three teens who choose to end their unplanned pregnancies.

No Easy Decision respectfully shares the stories of teens Katie, Markai and Natalia without judgment, emphasizing the complexity of their circumstances and the steps each takes to learn about her choices. They consider adoption and the realities of parenting. (Markai, for instance, worries about her college plans and financial future). The show provides an honest description of the situations teens can face when dealing with unplanned pregnancies and, at times, is very moving.

No Easy Decision gives voice to a subject that is not often discussed in the open in such a frank and sensitive way. Already facing what is indeed “no easy decision,” these teens have also found the courage to share their stories. And even if some viewers may disagree with their decisions, their strength and willingness to reach out to viewers, who might themselves be facing the same choice, is worth respecting.

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