New Female Condom

March 27, 2009

Female CondomWhen you hear the word “condom,” you probably think of the male condom. But did you know that there’s a female condom, too? The female condom is the only form of birth control designed for women that protects against both pregnancy and STDs. So why isn’t the female condom as popular as the male condom? It might have to do with price.

Female condoms cost between $2.80 and $4 each! That’s super expensive, considering that male condoms can cost as little as 50 cents each. But a new, cheaper female condom was recently approved. And they may cost as little as 60 cents when sold to clinics and health organizations.

What does that mean for you? It means that when this new female condom hits the market in a year or two, you’ll have one more affordable option when deciding how to protect yourself from pregnancy and STDs. For girls, the female condom is great—it’s designed specifically for women and even protects the labia from skin-on-skin STD transmission! Of course, not having sex will keep you completely safe from pregnancy and STDs. But for partners that decide to have sex, the female condom might be something to consider.

In the future you might see more female condoms alongside male condoms at the pharmacy. If female condoms were as accessible and inexpensive as male condoms, would you use them?

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