Nevada Students Demand—and Deserve—Comprehensive Sex Ed

By , 18, Staff Writer
January 12, 2015

Students of Nevada’s Clark County School District are fighting for their right to have accurate and comprehensive sexuality education. The school district is under pressure to change their abstinence-only program and lessons where sex-shaming and victim-blaming is common to hear about in class. But after listening to conservative parents’ views on what is appropriate, the school district stopped their plans to update the curriculum.

Students who are advocating for their right to receive comprehensive sexuality education gathered to protest the conservative board at the district meetings. These students report receiving messages such as if someone has sex before marriage, they’re impure and undesirable. Students who have already had sex or have been survivors of assault report feeling a sense of shame and guilt as a result of this “conservative” sex ed program.

We all have the right to information about our bodies. I believe that it should be mandatory for all classrooms in all states to teach comprehensive sex education. Everyone has the right to know about healthy relationships, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), safer sex, masturbation, how pregnancy happens and sexual orientation among other topics. These are topics we need to really understand, not just memorize a few facts about for a test. Knowledge is power, and with comprehensive sexuality education, we can move forward knowing that we will be able to make responsible, informed and healthy decisions about our sexual health.

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