World AIDS Day 2012: My Brother’s and Sister’s Keeper

By , 17, Staff Writer
November 30, 2012

This year’s theme for World AIDS Day is “I Am My Brother’s/Sister’s Keeper: Fight HIV/AIDS.” Simply put, this theme means that we’re all in this together. HIV/AIDS affects people throughout the world of all races, sexual orientations, genders and economic classes. If we’re in this together, then we’re supporting treatment for people with HIV/AIDS. But being in this together also means we’re working to prevent the spread of HIV, which requires us to be informed.

Awareness is crucial in preventing the spread of HIV and reducing stigma toward people living with HIV/AIDS. Completely eliminating HIV seems impractical, but it’s possible to make some progress in prevention, treatment and education if we take small steps—like having a National Youth HIV & AIDS Awareness Day, which is exactly what a petition from Advocates for Youth is calling for. The best part is that we can take this first step in the comfort of our homes.

Even though we’re miles apart, let’s fight this together. Join me and sign the petition!

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