MTV Fights HIV with “I’m Positive”

By , 17, Staff Writer
December 18, 2012

MTV, the channel normally associated with the notorious television shows Jersey Shore and 16 and Pregnant, really surprised me with a new documentary about HIV called I’m Positive. It premiered on December 1st—World AIDS Day.

The hour-long documentary centered on Otis, Kelly and Stephanie, three people with one thing in common: a positive HIV diagnosis. The film explored different aspects of life with HIV, like telling friends and family, dealing with an ex and being gay with HIV.

I knew that this documentary would be informative and possibly entertaining, but what I didn’t expect was just how emotional it was. Having each person telling his or her story made it obvious how serious HIV can be. However, the documentary was not all sad. It also emphasized their hope and determination to live life on their own terms. The fact that I felt like I knew each of them personally made the documentary all the more moving.

One scene where Stephanie’s mother is talking to her brought both tears to my eyes and a smile to my face. Her mom says to Stephanie in a heartfelt way that while initially she thought HIV was a death sentence, she is proud of Stephanie for facing HIV head on and not allowing it to beat her.

There were many emotional moments in I’m Positive, but the overall feeling was uplifting—one of hope and strength. There may be no cure for HIV yet, but as Kelly, Otis and Stephanie showed, it is possible to live a long and fulfilling life with HIV.

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