Milwaukee Teen Pregnancy Prevention Campaign Addresses #SexMyths

By , 18, Staff Writer
November 18, 2013

Have you ever heard a crazy myth, like if you do jumping jacks after having penile-vaginal sex, you won’t get pregnant? Or maybe a friend told you something that may have sounded true like: oral sex isn’t really sex. These are common sex myths that many of us will probably encounter someday. We trust and rely on our friends to give us the latest info, but just because our best friend said it doesn’t always make it true.

The United Way of Greater Milwaukee’s Teen Pregnancy Prevention Initiative is trying to stomp out myths like these and make sure teens get accurate information. They’re doing this with a website called, YouTube video quizzes, posters at bus stops and by posting on Twitter and Facebook.

In the YouTube videos you’ll see teens talking, much like you would see in any average high school. When one of the teens makes a claim about sex, the video pauses. You can then choose if what was said is true or false. It’s a way to quiz ourselves, without being ashamed of not knowing the answer. The short videos are a fun to way to test out your knowledge. Who knows, you may learn something you once thought was true, is actually a myth. Check out the videos and see if you can separate fact from fiction.

Have you heard a crazy sex myth? See our Sex Myths video for more myths! And go to Twitter and use the hashtag #SexMyths to connect with the campaign!

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