#LustforLife Makes Condoms More Appealing

By , 18, Staff Writer
March 27, 2015

Condoms are an important part of practicing safer sex, but sometimes, some people see them as more of a hassle than a necessity. In turn, not using condoms can lead to the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), including HIV. A new campaign called #LustforLife  from ONE—a condom company—wants to encourage safer sex, particularly the prevention of HIV transmission, by making condoms look appealing.

Working on this campaign are street artists, including Billi Kid, who lives in New York City. The idea is to make condom wrappers look really awesome. If condom wrappers look more appealing, then maybe people will be more inclined to use them. And maybe since they look so cool, condom use might become more normalized. HIV hits urban areas the hardest, and this campaign is meant to reach people in these areas. These condom wrappers feature funky graffiti style art, as well as a stop sign-inspired package design.

Since making these fun condom wrappers is aimed at teens and young adults like you and me, it just might get us to “stop” and think about our sexual health. I would definitely buy these condoms. The designs look amazing, and they definitely get the point across that safer sex doesn’t have to look boring. Things like condoms can have a fun flare, be exciting and safe. If you’re looking to check this out or even get a few condoms yourself, they’re distributing them at public health organizations around the country. And part of the proceeds from the condoms they sell will go to urban outreach programs.

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