Love the Skin You’re In

February 20, 2009

What comes to mind when you hear the word “fat”? It’s sad that for many people fat is like a death sentence. They’ll do anything to avoid being fat, even dangerous dieting that puts them at risk for developing an eating disorder. Why is it so hard to just love yourself, no matter your body type?

There are plenty of people—of all body sizes—that love their bodies and are totally healthy and comfy in their skin. For them, being happy with their bodies isn’t about dropping 15 pounds or having killer abs. Body acceptance is about rejecting the cultural obsession with thinness and celebrating all bodies, no matter the shape or size.

Are you tired of hearing that thinness equals happiness? So is Joy Nash: She’s fat…and fabulous! Check out what she has to say about being fat and loving the skin she’s in:

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