LGBTQ Teens Show Their True Colors

By , 20, Staff Writer
March 28, 2011

True Colors ConferenceCan you imagine being in a place where it’s normal to be a gender-nonconformist pansexual? Or where it’s only natural to see a trans lesbian with a masculine gender expression? At this year’s True Colors conference at the University of Connecticut such a vision was possible.

In the heterocentric world that queers—people who affirm their sexual orientation or gender expression as outside the norm—live in, the idea that you’re the only one often haunts many of us. I’m proud to say that this was not the case at the True Colors conference. Every possible sexual orientation and gender expression was represented at this two-day conference, which was held on March 11th and 12th. In fact, I think we even defined a few new ones while there. The annual True Colors conference is about giving everyone a chance to express themselves the way they want to express themselves, without worry of persecution.

The conference included lots of different workshops. Some of my favorite workshops were on being black and lesbian, drag king/queens and raising transgender youth. Workshops aside, the people that attended the conference truly made the program special. Everyone—students, teachers and professionals—was ready to accept every individual with open arms regardless of how “out of the box” the person was. Even Connecticut’s governor spoke on accepting the queer community.

I can only describe the event as fabulous. I encourage anyone who has an interest in sexual orientation and gender expression who is queer, questioning or an ally—student or teacher—to keep an eye on the True Colors Web site, which will post the dates for next year’s conference! You’ll have a great time and find a welcoming, supportive community.

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