Leno’s Homophobic Jokes—Not Funny

March 28, 2008

Ryan Phillippe was on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno to talk about Stop-Loss—a new movie about the controversial subject of troop redeployment to Iraq. But host Jay Leno was too busy cracking jokes about Ryan’s role as the first openly gay teenager depicted on a TV soap opera to hear about the film. Take a look at the clip:

Give me your gayest look? Is that for real? Why is being gay the punch line of so many (not funny) jokes? And why didn’t Leno take the hint that Ryan was uncomfortable? The jokes were really lame. Having a laugh at the expense of gay people is just plain ignorant.

Avenue Q playwright Jeff Whitty had an interesting response to Leno’s humor. “I’ve gotta ask: Would you ask a guest to make their ‘blackest face’? Their ‘Jewiest face’?” Probably not.

Leno, you’re in the Sex, Etc. doghouse for making bad jokes at the expense of gay people.

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