Katelyn Campbell Stands Up to Abstinence-Only Scare Tactics

By , 17, Contributor
April 30, 2013

Katelyn Campbell, an 18-year-old senior in West Virginia, has recently been in the news speaking out about a controversial abstinence assembly at her school. Pam Stenzel made the presentation, which featured incorrect information regarding sexuality and sexual health.

At the assembly, Stenzel frequently shouted things that were glaringly wrong. Among other things, she said that birth control could cause girls to be 10 times more likely to contract a disease and the use of it often times leads to death or infertility. In reality, birth control has been proven to be safe and effective. Stenzel’s harsh and oftentimes loud way of delivering her message wasn’t just inaccurate, but hurtful. Her fearful and shaming message about sexuality reportedly left many girls in tears.

Despite the fact that the lecture was abrasive and riddled with blatantly incorrect information, the school principal, George Aulenbacher, still thought it was appropriate. It’s not acceptable for a school administrator to defend a presentation that contains information that just isn’t true.

While West Virginia has a high teen pregnancy rate, educating teens—not scaring and shaming them—is a much better way to reduce teen pregnancy. Allowing Pam Stenzel to give out incorrect information in a way that was emotionally hurtful to many students is inexcusable.

I know that if I were at the assembly, I would feel extremely uncomfortable and hurt by the slut-shaming, so let’s join Katelyn and the other students at her school and protest misinformation about sexual health. You can support Katelyn Campbell and find out more at the Friends of Katelyn Campbell Facebook page.

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