iPhone Case Holds Condoms

By , 18, Staff Writer
May 21, 2012

When I first heard about a new iPhone case that has a hidden compartment for condoms, I thought the idea was brilliant. After all you’re not supposed to store them in your wallet because of friction, and no one wants that awkward experience of dropping a condom when you’re trying to get something else out of your pocket. But with a little more thought, I started to become suspect of the idea.

For starters the case is called the “Playa.” Do you really want someone to see the back of your iPhone with the title “Playa” displayed at the bottom? What if it’s your boss or friend’s parents?

Maybe you don’t have an issue with being labeled a player, but there’s still the question of whether this case actually protects your condoms and keeps them usable. As an iPhone user, I’ve felt my phone get pretty hot, definitely way too hot for a condom, which should be stored at room temperature and not above 100 degrees. Storing condoms in this iPhone case just doesn’t see worth the risk of damaging a condom.

But, if you’re still interested, get excited because the cases will be available this summer.

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