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What’s a penis and what does it do?

The penis is a male sexual and reproductive organ located on the outside of the body. It has two main parts: the shaft and the glans (or the head). The inside of the shaft of the penis is made up of spongy tissue. When that tissue fills with blood, the penis becomes hard. This is called an erection. The head has a lot of nerve endings, which is why touching the penis can feel good.

Inside the penis is a tube called the urethra. Urine (or pee) passes through this as well as semen. Semen comes out of the urethra when a guy ejaculates. Semen contains sperm, or reproductive cells, that can make a girl pregnant.

Luckily, when a guy has an erection, there is a ring of muscle inside the body that closes off the bladder and makes it impossible for urine to come out.

Penises come in all shapes and sizes. But the average length of an erect, adult penis is between five and seven inches. Because teen boys’ bodies are growing through puberty, there is no accurate average size for younger guys. Most guys reach their full adult penis size by the time they get into their early 20s.

A lot of guys get hung up on the size of their penis. But the truth is that size doesn’t matter that much when it comes to being able to give or receive sexual pleasure. Pleasing a partner is not about the size and shape of body parts, but being with the right person for you.

Some penises curve and some are straight. A curved penis may just mean that there’s more spongy tissue on one side of the shaft than the other. That causes the penis to bend when it fills with blood and becomes erect.

Only if the penis is bent in the shape of an L should it cause any pain or problem with sexual functioning. If you have pain when you have an erection or the curve gets worse, have a doctor check it out.

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