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What is an orgasm?

An orgasm is a full-body release of sexual tension that builds up as a result of sexual excitement. Before an orgasm happens, a series of changes happen in the body—things like increased heart rate, flushed skin and muscle tension. In addition, blood flow to the genitals increases. When an orgasm happens, the body releases all of this tension, resulting in a pleasurable feeling. Some people say orgasms feel like a slow build-up with an intense moment of excitement. Others say their entire body tingles. Everybody feels different. People often experience their first orgasm through masturbation.

Each person needs different things to have an orgasm. It’s important to tell a partner what feels good and what doesn’t. If partners don’t communicate about what feels good, how else will they know? It’s also pretty uncommon for both people to have an orgasm at the same time, unlike what you might see in movies.

When a male has an orgasm, it usually happens very close to an ejaculation. Most people need time to rest in between orgasms. Most females don’t ejaculate, although a small number do and some can have multiple orgasms, meaning they can have more than one orgasm during a single sexual act.

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