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That First Taste of Puberty

By , 18, Staff Writer Originally Published: July 2, 2009 Revised: June 16, 2014

When your body changes the feeling is unlike any other you’ll ever experience. When puberty starts, you might feel good, ashamed or simply shocked as you gain or lose weight, suddenly get erections, watch your body develop breasts, pubic hair, underarm hair and leg hair or even see your face start to change.

I was seven years old when my breasts started to grow, way before most girls’ breasts did. I was in ballet class and another student walked up to me and said, “Shouldn’t you be wearing a bra? You have boobs!” I went home immediately after ballet class and begged my mother to take me to buy a bra. For a long time, I felt weird and out of place from all of the other girls because I had breasts at such an early age.

I felt ashamed and self-conscious. I eventually grew enormous breasts, developed rather curvy hips, large thighs and a kangaroo pouch where my stomach once was. I felt fat and unwanted. It didn’t help that I had a mother who loved to point out my weight gain and would monitor everything I consumed.

Having your body change can be a tough thing to deal with. But it can also be great as you learn to love and appreciate your body. I eventually learned to accept and love my body with the curves and all. It wasn’t easy, but I took a step back and thought, well I like this and this and this. After breaking down the body parts I did like, what I liked outweighed what I didn’t. Whether big or small, tall or short, it’s all about how you feel about yourself. Your body changes; it’s a natural part of life. Your body is yours. Love and respect it. You only got one after all. And as Christina Aguilera would say “You are beautiful in every single way.”

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