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My breasts don’t look like the other girls’ that I’ve seen in the locker room. They’re really small. Am I normal?

Different girls develop at different rates, so there is no “normal.” Some of the girls in your class may be more developed than you, and so their breasts look like adult women’s breasts, whereas yours have not fully developed yet.

Different women and girls’ breasts also look different. Not only do the size and shape of breasts differ, but so does the size, shape and color of the nipples and areola.

A lot of girls worry that their breasts are too small and are therefore unattractive. A partner who truly loves and cares about you will be attracted to you for a number of reasons and will love your breasts simply because they are a part of the person they love.

Not to mention, all people find different things attractive in a potential partner. Some girls and guys find certain qualities and characteristics attractive; other people find the opposite qualities attractive. There are definitely people who are attracted to smaller breasts.

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