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Is it normal to have hair “down there”? Should I shave my pubic hair?

It’s completely normal to have hair in the genital region; it’s called pubic hair. The hair usually grows on the “mons pubis” for people with vaginas and just above and around the penis for those with penises. Shaving your pubic hair is really a personal choice. There are plenty of people who don’t shave their pubic hair and plenty who do. Pubic hair does serve a purpose. It provides warmth and padding for the genital area. It also traps dirt and germs that can get inside the body and cause an infection.

Something to be aware of is that when people shave their pubic hair, the shaved skin usually itches while the hair grows back. Also, after shaving, this sensitive skin area can also become irritated and sore without hair covering it.

If you do decide to shave, take a warm bath first, and use a new, clean razor. Most people find it helpful to use shaving cream or gel. Shave in the direction of the hair growth. When you shave against the direction of the hair growth, you are more likely to see irritated bumps or ingrown hairs afterwards. After shaving, you may want to put on some powder on the area you shaved. This will help avoid itching and irritation.

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