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I’m a girl, and sometimes I worry about the way I look “down there.” I don’t like how my labia look, and I’m afraid my partner will be grossed out. How do I know if I’m normal?

A lot of girls have this concern. They do not like the way their vulva looks. The thing is though that everyone’s vulva is unique and special. If you looked at pictures of vulvas, you would find that vulvas are all very different, and there is no such thing as “normal” or the “right way” for a vulva to look.

Since people don’t get a chance to see a lot of other vulvas, it’s harder to compare what your vulva looks like. All vulvas are different, just like faces or any other body parts vary from person to person. One way to find out what yours looks like is to take a look at yourself with a mirror in the comfort of your own private setting.

Just like your smile, your eyes, your hands or any other part of your body, your genitals are unique to you. Your partner is with you for who you are and may be feeling the same fear about his or her genitals. Talk with your partner.

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