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I was at a party last week, and this guy/girl was all over me. They were kind of drunk, but really seemed to want to have sex, so we did. Now their best friend is going around telling everyone that it was rape. What happened?

By , Originally Published: August 30, 2012 Revised: September 27, 2012

One of the biggest problems with alcohol is that it affects our ability to make decisions. Because of this, the law says that a person under the influence of alcohol is incapable of making a rational decision, which includes consenting to have sex.

That means that if you have sex with a person who is drunk or high, the law will call it rape. So if someone has been drinking and approaches you at a party or anywhere else for sex, the smartest thing is to say no. It doesn’t matter how hot the person is or how interested in you he or she seems to be. You can always get that person’s number and get in touch the next day!

The added problem is if you’ve been drinking, too. If you’ve been drinking, then your judgment may also be off. If you initiate the behavior without getting consent, you would be considered the “aggressor” and would still be held legally responsible for your actions.

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