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I might be pregnant. Where can I take a pregnancy test? How much will it cost and will they tell my parents?

There are a few choices for pregnancy tests:

Home Pregnancy Test

Home pregnancy tests are sold at drugstores and grocery stores and can be taken at home or at a friend’s house. To ensure that the results are accurate, it is important to follow the instructions on the box exactly. It is most effective to wait until after a missed period to take a pregnancy test. If your period is a day or two late, you can take a home pregnancy test. Some home pregnancy tests, however, say they can give an accurate result the day a period is due or even a day or two before.

Home pregnancy tests typically cost between $8 and $20 at a drugstore or grocery store. Some are available for even less than that online, but require a credit card number in order to purchase them.

Health Center

While home pregnancy tests are very accurate, you might also want to consider going to a clinic for a pregnancy test or at least for a second test. This can verify the home results and provide more options for care, including tests for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), birth control options and general answers to questions about birth control and safer sex.

A pregnancy test at a family planning clinic might cost anywhere between $5 and $20, and it may or may not include the cost of the appointment itself. Many clinics, however, offer low-cost or even free appointments. It’s important to ask what costs are involved when calling to make an appointment.

A Health Care Provider

Lastly, you can go to your regular health care provider to have a pregnancy test done. If you use your parent(s)’ or guardian(s)’ health insurance, though, the pregnancy test may appear on the bill.

Most clinics, like a Planned Parenthood clinic or other health center, will not notify your parent(s) or guardian(s) that you have had a pregnancy test. But it’s always a good idea to confirm the clinic’s confidentiality policy first when calling for an appointment.

Talk to a Trusted Adult

Many teens find that telling a parent, guardian or other trusted adult about a pregnancy can be helpful. Teens don’t have to go to a clinic or health care provider alone if a parent or guardian knows and is willing to help. Parents/guardians can offer guidance and support during a really stressful time. So it’s always good for teens to consider talking with a parent, guardian or an adult in their lives who they know well and trust, so they don’t need to deal with this all by themselves.

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