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H.U.S.H.: A Relationship Guide for Guys Who Like Girls

By , 15, Staff Writer Originally Published: February 17, 2012 Revised: September 8, 2015

High school can be a mysterious, forbidding and almost terrifying environment when it comes to romance. While some lucky guys might have the advantage of feeling comfortable around the ladies, some may feel too intimidated or shy to even say “hello.” However, not all hope is lost. Hooking Up and Staying Hooked (H.U.S.H.) is a relationship, romance and sexuality project for teen guys who like girls. The Web site,, features the advice of Colin Adamo. I interviewed Colin to ask him about H.U.S.H.

Colin admits he wasn’t slick around girls when he was a student at Metuchen High School in New Jersey. He felt nervous about the idea of girls and dating during his high school years. Unfortunately, he never quite got the advice he sought from the relationship guides in the bookstore.

“I wanted to know what I was doing when it came to relationships, but it felt like there weren’t many places to turn that were just for guys like me,” Colin says. “I never felt like there were relationship advice books for teen guys. There were kind of sleazy books about ‘picking up’ girls, but they were all too adult and always talked about nightclubs and dinner dates—none of which made sense in my life as a pretty average teen. There were magazines that talked about teen relationships, but most of them were made for girls.”

After high school, Colin double majored in psychology and women’s, gender and sexuality studies at Yale University. He also began to teach sexual health workshops in New Haven, CT, where he felt he could openly talk directly to young guys. When his workshops were over, he realized that other younger guys who were coming along would be at a loss for relationship information without sexual health workshops or some other resources. Thus, inspiration for was born.

I think we need to make it OK for guys to want relationships and for them to admit that they may not have all the answers just yet.

The Wrong Messages

According to Colin, few older guys serve as ideal role models for male teens, and the media tends to depict high school guys as sex-driven.

“The messages we get from the media tell us we just want sex,” explains Colin. “And lots of us are learning the wrong things from music, Internet porn or other guys that don’t know any better. I think we need to make it OK for guys to want relationships and for them to admit that they may not have all the answers just yet.”

Colin hopes H.U.S.H. will change how guys connect with girls.

“I hear a lot of my female friends complain about guys. I want my readers to be the type of guys that girls never complain about. I want them to be good communicators, to be considerate and to be confident,” says Colin.

At, Colin advises male readers to be “thoughtful and respectful to your needs and hers. When you take the time to pay attention to the details and ensure that both you and she are being treated the way you deserve, you’ll find happiness in your romantic life.” Colin believes the key to success is good communication, consideration and confidence.

Important Pieces of Advice

“I think the most important piece of advice is not to worry about changing who you are to attract girls. We can all work to improve ourselves as we grow, but you don’t have to be someone you’re not in order to get a girlfriend,” he says.

H.U.S.H. also stresses to readers that it’s OK to be unsure, nervous or even scared of relationships. It’s OK to feel vulnerable. And it’s definitely OK to ask for help or advice. After all, most guys—and girls for that matter—don’t have it all figured out. offers advice and provides how-to guides for everything, ranging from asking her for a first date to how to approach the first kiss. Loaded with tips and tricks and even an advice column, H.U.S.H. can definitely answer the questions many guys are too afraid to ask about relationships.

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