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First Moves: How to Ask Someone Out

By , 17, Staff Writer Originally Published: February 14, 2008 Revised: December 18, 2013

Ever wanted to ask someone out, but you were so nervous you never got the courage to go through with it? And then, when you did get the courage to ask him or her out, you completely froze and all you and your crush did was share a moment of awkward silence? Asking someone out can be nerve-wracking and sometimes even embarrassing.

Most people assume the guy will ask the girl out. However, in today’s world, a lot of girls ask out guys, guys ask out guys and girls ask out girls. In any situation, there can be pressure and stress. It takes a lot of courage to ask someone out. Check out my tips below before making the first move.

How to Ask Someone Out

  • Be yourself. Although this sounds clichéd, this is probably one of the most important things to remember. If a person isn’t interested in you being exactly who you are, then he or she probably isn’t right for you.
  • Come up with something that you’d like to do with him or her. Then, casually ask him or her to go to the movies or out to dinner. Who doesn’t like a good meal or movie?
  • Plan a group date. This is a good move if you’re not comfortable asking someone out. You can have some of your friends and their friends all go out together. (If you end up having a bad time, at least you won’t be stuck.)
  • Don’t be shy! According to my informal poll, guys especially think it’s hot when a person asks them out, so don’t hold back. Be bold and make the first move. Whether you’re a girl or guy, confidence is key, and most find it sexy.
  • Be a friend first and then ask your crush out. It’s sometimes easier to plunge into something more if you get to know each other as friends first.
  • Bounce back, even if you’re rejected! We all have different tastes, and if a person decides you’re not right for him or her, it doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with you. It just means you’re not right for that person, and you deserve to be with someone who thinks you’re great. There is ALWAYS someone else.

Once you’ve asked someone out, you’ll most likely feel relieved that you did it. Remember all that’s left is to have fun on your date and be yourself.

We want to know how your date went! If this story helped you make the first move, post a comment below.

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