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Does the Pill make you gain weight?

No. This is a very popular myth that even sexuality educators and doctors repeat. A recent study,“Combination Contraceptives: Effects on Weight,” debunked this myth by analyzing data from 44 studies from around the world, dating from 1970 to 2005.

This myth probably has stuck because people of all ages tend to gain weight over time, whether they are using birth control or not. So, when women or girls are taking the Pill and they gain weight, guess who gets the blame? The Pill.

People tend to blame outside factors for their weight gain, not their own eating or exercise habits. This is especially true for teen girls who are going through puberty at the same time they are taking the Pill. What seems like weight gain from the Pill is actually weight gain from normal development that happens during puberty.

Still not convinced? Read a summary of the article for yourself!

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